Elina Svitolina & Damilano raise glasses to a new collaboration

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Ukrainian №1, Elina Svitolina, has become a global ambassador of the luxury wine brand Damilano.

Damilano wine company comes from a picturesque Langhe region of Italy and is well-known for its sophisticated choice and highest quality. It is an old family business that makes part of Italian wine culture.

Elina visited their vineyards in Barolo on a free weekend. Damilano exists since 1890, when Giuseppe Borgogno, the great-grandfather of the current owners, started his own farm and collected the first grapes for his wine. Elina admitted:

“It was one of the most exceptional gastronomic and cultural experiences for me”.

Working together with a brand which has a rich history is an honor for Elina and Top Five Management. Cheers to this prestigious and refined partnership!