Elina Svitolina teams up with Marcos Baghdatis


The Ukrainian star announced her collaboration with Marcos Baghdatis.

After a solid 2019 season, which saw her reaching two Grand Slam semi-finals (Wimbledon and US Open) as well as the final of the WTA finals for the second year in a row (following her 2018 title), Ukraine’s tennis star Elina Svitolina is already looking forward to an ambitious 2020 season by hiring former tennis player Marcos Baghdatis as a consultant coach.

Officially retiring this season, Cyprus’ best ever tennis athlete Marcos Baghdatis put an end to his 15-year career on the ATP tour after losing in the second round of Wimbledon. His biggest achievements were reached in the 2006 season, which saw him create a massive upset by reaching the Australian Open final, only losing to World No.1 Roger Federer. A few months later, he reached the semifinals in Wimbledon and got to his best ranking, world #8. Baghdatis is quickly bringing up his career change and immediately starting as a consultant coach for Elina. Teaming up with Englishman Andrew Bettles, who has been Elina’s coach since 2017, Marcos is already joining the team for the pre-season preparation and will be doing so for the biggest tournaments of the 2020 season.

“I’m extremely happy to announce that Marcos will now be part of my team” confirmed Elina Svitolina, “with all his years on the tour, I’m confident I can benefit from his invaluable experience. My ambitions are strong and Marcos will help me go further in my career, with always higher goals to reach”.