“Morshinska” TM – the most popular Ukrainian water signs the partnership with Elina Svitolina

“Morshinska” TM – the most popular Ukrainian natural water concluded an agreement with a leading Top Five player Elina Svitolina

Regular physical exercises help us keep our body fit. However, not everyone knows that the success of your training is connected with the sustainable preservation of the hydrobalance in the body. Thus, Ukrainian No. 1 water brand and Ukrainian No. 1 tennis player Elina Svitolina became partners within the campaign aimed at the formation of a useful habit among the Ukrainians – to keep the water balance of their bodies and to regularly drink clear and natural water.

“Our body loses a great amount of water and energy upon physical activities. That is why I have a rule to drink no less than one and a half litre of “Morshinska” during a match. No matter whether it is a competition or training – I always do like this. I trust “Morshinska” because I have known and loved its taste since very childhood. This water comes from the Carpathians which I really adore. Wherever I play (even in such a remote country as Australia), I always have a taste of Homeland with me,” says Svitolina.

Elina is the first representative of the Ukrainian tennis who takes part in such a massive promotional campaign in the home country.

“We are very pleased that the leader of the Ukrainian tennis became a partner of such a popular brand in Ukraine. It is really important that Elina will become a role model for the Ukrainians and will motivate them to keep fit and to think about their health,” said the head of the Top Five agency Stephane Gurov.